Verna Kovanen

Documentarist, photographer, publisher

"In 2011 I had a conversation with my mother about my imaginary sister, Henni, with whom I spent time at age 5-7. It was really interesting how specifically my mother remembered all kinds of Henni-related things and how important this invisible sister had been to me. After our talk I wanted to hear more stories on the topic, so I put up an online call for children and their invisible friends to be photographed — and I was surprised at the number of people who reached out. The imagination affects people so powerfully, and it is exciting to see the different ways it can be used."


Rest of the team


Taru Happonen,
Graphic designer and illustrator

Janna Rantala,
Children psychiatrist and family therapist

Elina Blomqvist,

Kasper Salonen,
English translation

Mertta Hätinen,
Media coordinator

Tuija Nieminen,
Project coordinator